Early life and musical beginnings

  • Son of Marlli Arias and Luis Alfonso Londoño, he has an older sister named Manuela.
  • He was a fan of sports, especially soccer, which he played for eight consecutive years and was part of the lower divisions of the Atlético Nacional and Club Deportivo La Equidad teams.
  • He was also passionate about music, an enthusiasm that he gradually made known at home and school, where he had his first approach to the public in a singing competition.
  • Thus, his classmates were the first to hear the voice of Juan Luis Londoño Arias singing Tengo Ganas, a song by the singer-songwriter Andrés Cepeda. His audience awarded him first place in the competition without hesitation.

The birth of Maluma

  • At the age of 15, Juan Luis composed a song called No Quiero, which surprised music producers and they offered him to record an album, but not before warning him that he should use a more sonorous name, easy to remember and well received among fans of the urban genre.
  • It was then that the idea arose to take the first syllables of the names of the most important people in his family to create an original one. Thus, the syllables of Marlli, his mother’s name, Luis, his father’s, and Manuela, his older sister’s, gave life to MALUMA.

Rise to fame

  • His breakthrough came in 2011 in Colombia with the single Farandulera and the debut of his album Magia.
  • The following year, after releasing the songs Loco and Obsesión, Maluma released a new single Pasarla bien, reaching the top positions in the Latin American charts.
  • His talent led him to be nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2013, an achievement that also took his name beyond the borders of his native country.
  • Since then, Maluma has performed on major international channels, concerts everywhere, as well as the inclusion of his songs in the top positions of the most popular music lists.

Success and recognition

  • On October 30, 2015, Pretty boy, Dirty boy was released worldwide, occupying the first place in sales in the United States, according to Billboard’s Top Latin Album chart; immediately, the single Borró Casette took the first place on Billboard’s Latin Air Play charts.
  • Other hits from this album included El perdedor and Sin Contrato.
  • In 2014 and 2015, Maluma participated as a judge and coach on the television program La Voz Kids and, in October of that same year, he took his first steps as a businessman with his first clothing line.
  • In February 2016, he participated in the Lo Nuestro Awards ceremony, where he performed the song Pa’ Mayté, a tribute to Carlos Vives, and the song Desde esa Noche with Thalía.
  • In 2017, he was invited as an artist and jury for the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile, during that date the song Chantaje was released, in collaboration with Shakira, which immediately became a worldwide success, as well as the song Vente pa’ ca with the famous Puerto Rican Ricky Martin.
  • Maluma is considered by specialized critics as one of the urban music artists with the greatest impact in Latin America, winner and deserving of countless awards and recognitions in the world of music.

Additional information

  • Maluma has released four studio albums: Magia (2012), Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy (2015), F.A.M.E. (2018), and #7DJ (2021).
  • He has also won numerous awards, including a Latin Grammy Award, a MTV Video Music Award, and several Billboard Music Awards.
  • Maluma is one of the most popular Latin American artists in the world, with over 60 million followers on Instagram.


Emilia is a singer, composer, musician and dancer who through Social Media and YouTube has created an impressive fan base and has become a trendsetter among the youPrince Royceng. A visionary, charismatic and daring young woman who has made her way through the music industry with a promising career. Her audience is made up of teenagers and young adults, with a potential that keeps her in the eye of brands and agencies who are constantly on the lookout for her types of audiences.

Carlos Vives

Carlos Vives is one of the most important figures of Latin music known as the pioneer of the Colombian and Latin American sound. Renowned musician, songwriter, actor and entrepreneur, Vives is one of the most acclaimed artists in Latin America. He began his career in 1982 as an actor but it wasn’t until 1986 that he began to sing ballads. In 1991, he began with the classic vallenatos, which led him into being the face of the new Colombian sound around the world. Inarguably, Carlos Vives has a refined ability to merge the traditional with the modern. His approach to taking traditional Colombian vallenato music and reviving it with pop and rock elements has taken the genre and expanded it to an international audience. In his already extended career Vives has managed to win 12 Latin Grammys and two Grammy Awards. Vives’ interpretation of vallenato music into pop hits has led to the success of his albums; in fact, he recently won the Latin Grammy, “Best Contemporary Tropical Album”, for his latest studio album VIVES.

Vives has sold over 20 million albums worldwide and is recognized abroad as the greatest exponent of Colombian music with hit songs such as, ̈La Gota Fría ̈, ̈Fruta Fresca ̈, ̈Volví a Nacer ̈, ̈Bailar Contigo ̈,”La Bicicleta (with Shakira) ̈ and his latest hit ̈Robarte un beso.” He’s amassed 18 #1 radio hits in the US and multiple sold-outs during his last tour in the United States, Europe and Colombia.

In addition, Carlos Vives leads initiative “Tras La Perla” which seeks to achieve sustainable development and quality of life improvement in his native Santa Marta, Colombia.c


The Urban Latin music icon Wisin, whose real name is Juan Luis Morera Luna, is a singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur recognized for his success, first as part of Wisin and Yandel duo and now in his solo career. In the last 18 years he has remained one of the most popular artists on the radio and on the dance floors, most nominated, awarded, and biggest selling artist in Latin music.

Prince Royce

In the past 11 years, multi-platinum award-winning, singer/songwriter Prince Royce has become a bona fide Latin superstar and bachata music idol, scoring 21 #1 radio hits, 22 Latin Billboard Awards, 19 Premio lo Nuestro Awards, 19 Premios Juventud Awards, 9 Latin AMAs, and 14 Latin GRAMMY nominations.


Royce has a massive fan base with close to 60 million followers on social media and he has sold out many of the most prestigious venues in Latin America and the United States. In February 2019 Prince Royce made history becoming the first and only tropical music artist to perform at the Houston Rodeo at the NRG Stadium where he attracted more than 55,000 euphoric fans. According to Billboard, he is one of the Top Ten Latin artists with most followers on TikTok.


August 9, 2018 was proclaimed “Prince Royce Day” in New York by Mayor Bill de Blasio, in recognition of his contributions to society and for being a role model to youth in his home town. He has been induced into the Bronx Hall of Fame with a street named after him, and ran the New York City Marathon to raise funds and awareness on education in public schools and kidney disease.


Billboard included his 2013 album “Soy El Mismo” in their “50 Best Latin Albums of the Decades” list. Royce’s self-titled debut album is #4 on Billboard’s list of Top Latin Albums of the Decade (2010s) and he has three songs in the Hot Latin Songs of the Decade chart “Darte Un Beso”, “Corazón Sin Cara” and “El Verdadero Amor Perdona” x Mana. 


Recently Royce set a new record with twenty-nine weeks at #1 on the Billboard Tropical Airplay chart with smash hit “Carita De Inocente” earning an official Guinness World Records certification. He is the artist with third-most #1s on the Billboard Tropical Airplay chart (behind only veteran tropical artists Marc Anthony and Victor Manuelle). At the close of 2020, Prince Royce was #1 on Billboard’s Year-End Tropical Airplay Artists chart and Tropical Airplay Songs chart (with “Carita De Inocente”), while his “Carita De Inocente” was 2020’s #2 Latin Airplay Song.


Owner of a powerful voice and unique talent for composing, LUDMILLA was born in the city of Duque de Caxias, in Rio de Janeiro and, at the age of 8, discovered her vocation for singing. At first, she participated in Samba circles, but her career kicked off after performing her rhymes at a party and consecrating funk as the genre that would make her famous.

Throughout her careen, LUDMILLA was nominated for several awards, winning several of them. Was the first black artist to win the multi show award for best singer, the year 2022 is marked by the singer’s nomination for the B.E.T Awards, in the international act category, she won the MTV MIAW award in the artist of the year category and a beautiful tribute for 10 years of career. She was elected singer of the year by the Glamor Generation Award. She received the multi show award, in the hit of the year category, and song of the year, from the Mundo Negro Award, both with “Maldivas”. In addition, the Latin Grammy award in the Samba/Pagode album category wit the work “Numanice #2”.

LUDMILLA has already toured twice in Europe and twice in The United States, in addition to her performance on the sunset stage at Rock In Rio 2022, LUD also brings the Brazilian public to delivery with her “NUMANICE” project, enormous shows that consign the singer among fans as the “Queen of Pagode”

Silvestre Dangond

Silvestre Francisco Dangond Corrales (Urimita, La Guajira, 12 de mayo de 1980) es un cantante, presentador de televisión y compositor naturalizado estadounidense, considerado uno de los principales representantes de “la nueva ola” del vallenato. Es idolatrado por sus fans, quienes se hacen llamar silvestristas.

Silvestre dice haber heredado su talento de su padre, el cantante William José “El Palomo” Dangond Baquero, quien a mediados de la década de los 70, produjo 10 sencillos con Andrés “El Turco” Gil; y de su madre, quien proviene de una familia musical le transmitió su carácter carismático y a su vez desempeñó un papel importante en su educación formal y personal.

Silvestre siempre estuvo fascinado por el vallenato; a menudo se escapaba por las noches para tocar y escuchar las alegres melodías de su acordeón. Mientras se formaba en la escuela, participó en numerosos shows de talento, ganando muchos de ellos gracias a su contagioso vallenato.

Su familia se mudó a la ciudad de Bogotá para ayudarlo a perseguir su sueño de tener una carrera musical. Allí, comenzó a presentarse en fiestas junto a su gran amigo y acordeonista “Coco” Zuleta. En el 2012, firmó con Sony Music y lanzó su álbum debut Tanto para ti, en el cual produjo tres sencillos: Quien me Mandó, Necesito Verte y Muñeca de Porcelana.

En los años siguientes, lanzó dos álbumes más, Lo Mejor para los Dos y La Pinta Chévere. Su primer éxito nacional llegó en el 2004 con La Colegiala, la cual es de su autoría.

Ya en el 2005 había logrado acumular un fiel grupo de fans conocida como “Silvestristas”. Ese mismo año, lanzó el álbum Ponte a la Moda, y comenzó a obtener reconocimiento internacional con La Indiferencia, Dile y La Pareja del Momento. Su álbum La Fama, lanzado en el 2006, reflejó su creciente madurez y produjo los sencillos La Miradita, Ahí Ahí y Así No Sirve.

Con El Original (2008), lanzó uno de sus álbumes más meticulosamente elaborados. Luego, vino su álbum Cantinero en el 2010, el cual fue certificado por La Asociación para la Protección de los Derechos Intelectuales sobre Fonogramas y Videogramas Musicales (APDIF) como Disco Cuádruple Platino por ventas que superaron las 80.000 unidades.

Reuniéndose con el acordeonista Juancho De La Espriella, lanzó el álbum No Me Compares Con Nadie en el año 2011, que incluye los populares sencillos La Gringa, Por Dios Que Sí y La Cosita. Este álbum recibió una certificación de Disco de Diamante en Colombia por ventas de más de 100.000 unidades.

En el año 2012, comenzó a trabajar con el acordeonista Rolando Ochoa, hijo del artista de vallenato Calixto Ochoa, y al año siguiente lanzaron el álbum La 9ª Batalla. Con 13 canciones escritas por compositores de Colombia, el álbum fue certificado como Disco de Platino en Colombia y Venezuela a solo días después de su lanzamiento, asimismo alcanzó el puesto #1 en la lista de álbumes latinos de iTunes en Estados Unidos, convirtiéndolo en el primer artista de vallenato en llegar a la cima de este ranking altamente competitivo.

En el 2014 trabaja con el acordeonista Álvaro López y con su primo el acordeonista Lucas Dangond. Su primer álbum juntos se tituló Sigo Invicto, lanzado el 24 de noviembre de 2014, el cual produjo una gran cantidad de éxitos internacionales, tales como Cómo Lo Hizo, El Confite, Por Un Mensajito, El Glu Glu, Niégame Tres Veces, El Mismo de Siempre, Novia Ingrata y, El Tiempo.

Luego de firmar con Sony Latin Music, Silvestre continuó dándole los toques finales a su nueva producción discográfica en el 2016. A comienzos del 2017 lanzo su nuevo álbum Gente Valiente, dos días antes de lo planeado gracias a una demanda abrumadora. Este album es una nueva propuesta musical con la cual Silvestre populariza su versión moderna del vallenato colombiano y marca el 11° disco en su carrera. El álbum es producido por el productor nominado múltiples veces al Grammy y al Latin Grammy, Andrés Castro, quien ha trabajado con músicos como Carlos Vives, ChocQuibTown, Gian Marco, Prince Royce, Samo y Thalía, entre otros.

Para celebrar este lanzamiento, Silvestre presentó un concierto masivo en Valledupar, Colombia, al cual asistieron más de 55 mil personas que celebraron el folclor vallenato con las letras contagiosas y los mensajes inspiradores típicos de la música del artista. La histórica “parranda” tomo 15 días de trabajo en montar e incluyó un espectáculo de sonido, luces y efectos especiales que la convirtió en la producción más grande que se haya visto para presentar un álbum en el país.

Igualmente, con miras a dominar el mercado estadounidense, Silvestre siguió celebrando el lanzamiento y el éxito que ha tenido con el amplio número de descargas y reproducciones en Spotify, y presentó una “parranda” en conjunto con El Zol 106.7 FM. El evento estuvo abierto a todos aquellos que ganaran tickets mediante un concurso. La demanda fue tal que muchos fans se quedaron afuera porque no cabía un alma más en el lugar.