Hoy Carlos Vives estrena su nuevo álbum: «Vives»

«You live is an album that reflects life. There is a special joy for living, […]

«You live is an album that reflects life. There is a special joy for living, for giving a musical form to the feeling of who we are. There is also nostalgia for things of greater value and sadness for the hard things that happen in our countries. You live, that simple, with all that that implies … «

Carlos Vives.

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You live, already has more than 2 billion streams
Available from this November 10 on all music platforms

Exclusive sale for Colombia in more than 235 success-carulla stores in the country
VIVES, a musical journey through life. This is the new work by Carlos Vives, his tenth studio album which added to his two live albums (+ Corazón Profundo Tour from Santa Marta and Carlos Vives + Amigos from El Campín), make up the artist’s official discography.

VIVES arrives with absolute freedom, with the wings of an artist who has more than 25 years of career, 11 Latin Grammys, 2 Grammys and hundreds of international recognitions. The quintessential ambassador of rock for the Colombian people, a rock with musical patterns that they are based on vallenato and cumbia, porro and the roots of the caribbean that make millions of people in the world recognize the accordion, the electric guitar, the drum and the bagpipe in the same song.

«I am an artist from the old school, I like records that are complete, that touch different topics and the Colombian rhythm is very rich, it fits very well with new sounds. VIVES is an album that explores ballad, rap , children’s music, new urban sounds and pure vallenato «. Carlos Vives

VIVES, under the record label of Sony Music Latin, already has more than 2 Billion Streams. The album has 17 songs + 1 bonus track, including the hits: «Al filo de tu amor», «El pride de mi patria», «Pescaíto», «La Bicicleta» with Shakira, a song that won two Latin Grammys awards in 2016 as «Best Song of the Year» and «Best Recording of the Year»; Video exceeds 1 Billion views on Vevo. In addition, the current single «Robarte un beso» with Sebastián Yatra is part of the songs on this CD; The hit has more than 300 million views of the video on YouTube and more than 90 million streams on digital platforms.

When entering the track list you will find songs like:

«Alejo’s hat». It is a vallenato that preserves purity in its lyrics, the raison d’être of the genre. He is rebellious and hopeful.

«Monsieur Mustache». This is a song in which Elena and Pedro Vives, their youngest children, accompany Carlos along with the choir of the Río Grande music school. «It is a song that several children made, escaped from the kitchen of the house, jumped into the pantry and fled through a window to be on this album,» says the artist.

«We are all Mexico.» This song was written by Carlos Vives more than a year ago together with Carlos Gardel Huertas as a tribute to Mexican culture and its influence in the world. It is a tribute from a Colombian to a country, to a land, to a culture, to people who inhabit a wonderful territory and who have a very big heart.

«I like everything», with Thalía. Carlos affirms of this song: «I like everything … And I like it more because it has Thalía on board, it is a happy and sensual song, like her, what happiness to sing to such a special woman and artist».

«The forgotten children», with Cinthya Montaño. This song is a very significant moment of the album, musically surprising and with tremendous content to understand what is happening with our children, not only in Colombia but in Latin America and the world. It is a prayer, a kind of mantra or ritual of forgiveness to change many things that should not happen.

«The woman in the window». The song is born from a photograph published in the press and reveals thousands of stories of battered women, something that Carlos opposes with all the force of his singing. It is a song to change behaviors and think about honest love for women.

«I have time today.» An impressive rhythm, a true musical bomb that will undoubtedly sound … The song is a spectacular combination of vallenato, mambo and rock, which relives the experience of those emblematic songs of an era, which mark the steps of a whole generation to bring to life all the joy and be young forever.

«The promised land». Carlos wants to tell us in this joint all his love for this land, his love for the people and for singing the rock of his people. A trip around the world only to realize that «in the end, the Sierra only surrenders to the sea …».

«Morning». A song with a deep nostalgia for the return to what is most dear, a way to leave and always return. It is a ballad in the best style of Carlos Vives, which will undoubtedly be the soundtrack of many lives.

In addition to these titles, there are also the diverse and emblematic songs that Carlos Vives has accustomed us to and that enrich our life experience in unexpected ways. Because VIVES is, simply, VIVES.

1. I have time today
2. The sofa
3. The preferred one
4. Pescaíto
5. The promised land
6. Alejo’s hat
7. Live with you
8. Tomorrow
9. The pride of my country
10. On the edge of your love
11. Our secret
12. The bike ft. Shakira
13. Steal a kiss ft. Sebastián Yatra
14. I like everything ft. Thalia
15. The Forgotten Children ft. Cynthia Montaño
16. The woman at the window.
17. Monsieur Mustache ft. Elena Vives and Río Grande choir
18. We are all Mexico. Special guests Team Vives La Voz México: Flor Amargo, María Elisa Gallegos, Thalía Ramírez, Mayela Mundo, Diana Laura Gascón and Lupita Infante.


* «Robarte un beso» has been # 1 on Colombian radio for over 6 weeks and is # 1 in Latin America on Deezer’s total hit list. In addition, it tops the most important Spotify playlists.

* Carlos Vives is currently a coach of the La Voz México program.

* On November 13 Carlos Vives will arrive at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles with a special exhibition about his career.

* Carlos Vives will be honored at the 50th Vallenata Legend Festival in 2018.

* Carlos Vives will be at the 2018 Viña del Mar Festival.
* Recently, Carlos Vives was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Latino composers and received the Icon Award at La Musa Awards.

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