These are the different departments that we work for our artists

Editorial Administration

Each artist has their individual needs in relation to their music and songwriting; here at WKE we offer our artists catered legal and financial advice when needed.

Editorial Advisory

We provide individual advice to each of our artists in terms of music production, promotion and marketing. We cover the different forms of the market and the distribution while we preserve the intellectual property of the authors.

Bookings And Brands

We specialize in the exclusive booking of shows and brand management for our roster, ensuring consistent economic and strategic growth for our artists. From ticket sales to merchandising deals, we look for any and every opportunity that will grow our artist’s impact in the world of entertainment.

Artist Promotion

WK Entertainment uses unique marketing strategies to obtain the greatest expansion and exposure for our artists. Our digital domain allows us to cater to each of our artist. We are recognized for our innovation and originality.