«Felices los 4» de Maluma es la canción #1 en la radio de México

Maluma closed the Villa Mix festival the largest musical event in Brazil Maluma closes with […]

Maluma closed the Villa Mix festival the largest musical event in Brazil
Maluma closes with a flourish the largest musical event in Brazil
After presenting himself at the end of April as a special guest of the Brazilian superstar Anitta at his sold-out concerts in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Maluma was chosen to close the country’s largest musical event – the Villa Mix Festival in Goiânia. Maluma was the only invited Latin music singer and only one of two international artists at the festival.

On July 2, the young idol closed the festival with a flourish, which for two days included performances by the most important artists in the country. One hundred thousand people chanted and danced to the rhythm of all their successes in a magical night that proved the conquest of Maluma and her music in Brazil. Another proof of this has been the positioning of «Felices Los 4» in the music charts of the country where it recently reached the Top 5 in Shazam. In addition, the hit reaches # 1 in Mexico, as announced by the agency that measures the songs on the radio, Monitor Latino.

This week Maluma is presented at Premios Juventud 2017 where for the second consecutive year it is one of the most nominated, 7 categories. During her show she will present a musical surprise as a launch.

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About Maluma

At just twenty-three years old, Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known by his stage name as Maluma, has become one of the young artists with the greatest impact on urban music and the youthful idol of Latin music in the world, reaching markets in Europe, the United States, Argentina and Brazil, among others, and where in all his concerts he has completely sold the box office, selling out weeks and months before each show.

Maluma is one of the most popular singers with millions of active physical and digital fans. He is the leader among Latino male singers with more than 22 million followers on Instagram. To this figure is added the more than 23 million fans on Facebook, 3.7 million on Twitter, and more than 4 Billion views on its official YouTube channel. In his 6-year career and at his young age, he is the only Latino artist in the Top 9 on the global digital music leader list.

In 2015, he released his second album Pretty Boy Dirty Boy under the Sony Music US Latin label, which debuted at # 1. In his first year and a half in the US market, he had five # 1 songs on Billboard’s Latin Songs chart. He is the youngest artist to simultaneously obtain songs # 1 and # 2 on Billboard’s «Latin Airplay» list («Sin Contrato» and «Chantación) and the sixth to achieve it.

In April 2017, he presented the Fundación El Arte de Los Dreams, his social initiative, come true, since for several years he had been working silently for children and young people from different regions of his land.

«The Art of Dreams» is a foundation that, with the help of its family, has the mission: To seek to train children and young people in situations of vulnerability in being and knowing, through art and its different expressions such as : composition, instrumentation, singing, production, dance and painting; that allows their moral, physical, cultural and social development in various spaces that lead to building bridges between ART and DREAMS. Maluma, with the foundation, has dedicated his free time to working for young people in municipalities such as La Estrella and Bello. It also sponsors non-profit entities that have the same social objective.


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