«Escápate conmigo» de Wisin feat. Ozuna es #1 en la radio hispana de Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico

According to Billboard’s Latin Airplay listing * Mark Wisin’s eighth single # 1 as a […]

According to Billboard’s Latin Airplay listing

* Mark Wisin’s eighth single # 1 as a solo artist and eighteenth single # 1 in his career * Collaboration with Wisin becomes Ozuna’s first # 1

MIAMI, Florida (August 29, 2017). Urban Latin music icon WISIN is # 1 on Hispanic radio with his latest single «Escápate Conmigo» feat. Ozuna, according to Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart, marking Wisin’s eighth single # 1 as a solo artist and eighteenth in his career. Additionally, the song is # 1 on Billboard’s Latin Pop Airplay and Latin Rhythm Airplay charts.

As Wisin conceived it, «Escape with Me» united the icon of Reggaeton, one of the leaders of its beginning, with the young Puerto Rican reggaeton player most prominent in the new generation of the genre, and the combination has been explosive. . . The sensual romantic and danceable Reggaeton has become Ozuna’s first radio # 1 whom Wisin has sponsored in the industry.

«I am happy with this great # 1 on the radio with ‘Escape with Me’ – it is a great blessing to have my eighth # 1 in the three years I have been a soloist and I am even more proud to be able to get here together with a young promise of our genre Ozuna and being part of their first # 1 on radio in the United States and Puerto Rico, «said Wisin.

«Escape With Me» has swept the biggest charts, staying for 11 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 (the 100 most popular songs in the United States) as well as multiple weeks on Spotify’s Global 50 chart (the 50 most listened songs in Spotify globally) and for 22 weeks on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs list (currently at # 4).

«Escape With Me» is a quadruple platinum record in the United States; double platinum in Mexico and Spain; and seventeen times platinum in Chile. Internationally, the song has remained at the top of the charts in many countries for months on Spotify, where it still remains in the Top 10 in seventeen countries including: Chile, Paraguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia , Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Nicaragua, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador and Spain.

The «Escape With Me» video has more than 550 million views on Vevo / YouTube .

It was filmed with renowned director Jessy Terrero in Los Angeles and Miami. «Escape With Me» is the second single from Wisin’s next album Victory, which will be released in October 2017. Her first single «Holidays» also reached # 1.



The urban Latin music icon WISIN, whose first name is Juan Luis Morera Luna, is a singer, songwriter, producer and businessman recognized for his devastating success, first as part of the Wisin y Yandel duo and now in his solo career. In the last 17 years, he has remained one of the most famous artists on the radio and on the dance floors, most nominated for prestigious awards, and among the most sold music and concerts.

As a soloist, in the past three years, he has achieved eight # 1s on radio according to Billboard’s Latin Airplay listing. In 2016, the singer and songwriter also stood out as a producer and television star. Wisin produced the group’s first album CNCO, working with young people to create a successful record production, both commercially and creatively.

Primera Cita debuted at # 1 with the most successful release week for Latino album sales of the year. As one of the star judges of the “La Banda” television show, Wisin entered the homes of Hispanic families every year. Sundays for months, reminding us that the musical icon is a role model for our youth not only for its great success but also for being a great human being with his feet firmly planted on the ground. Wisin is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming record production Victory.

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