Carlos Vives & Sebastián Yatra van a Robarte Un Beso

Launching !!! A new single, a new song that seeks to rescue romance through serenades […]

Launching !!!
A new single, a new song that seeks to rescue romance through serenades and love

«Let me steal a kiss that reaches my soul … like a vallenato of those old men that we liked, I know you feel butterflies, I also felt their wings … let me steal a kiss that makes you fall in love and that you don’t leave. … Let me steal your heart, let me upload this song so we can dance together like no one else danced «…

«Robarte un beso», this is the fourth single that the Colombian star Carlos Vives presents as a preamble to his next album and which will be titled «VIVES», this studio album will be released to the world in October 2017.

In the song he is accompanied by the young promise of urban pop Sebastián Yatra, who has more than a billion views on Vevo and more than 500 million streams on Spotify, at the age of 22 he fulfills a dream and joins Carlos to lead serenades of love through «Steal a kiss». «Stealing a kiss from you is a song that we did inspired by love, to win back, to fall in love, in that it is never too late to tell that person next to you that we love them,» said Yatra.

«To revive love», that will be the slogan and this is what Vives assures us, «It is a very beautiful song, which has a lot of what this new generation of musicians like Sebastián has … They keep things that are fundamental like the message, the quality, the poetry of its lyrics, and I am very happy that I have been invited to put a grain of sand to this song and to put that feeling that makes me very proud that young people like it, it is a Colombian sound that for them it is a conduit that takes them directly to their roots and land, «says the singer-songwriter samarium.

Along with the theme, the video directed by Daniel Duran is released. For two days, the artists went out to deliver serenades through different places in the Colombian capital, touring stages such as the Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo school, La Candelaria in the historic center of Bogotá, and the JW Marriot hotel. In addition, they reached the Sisga dam, Cundinamarca, to show more savanna landscapes, resulting in an emotional video with a song that mixes the musical patterns that represent the union of a paisa and a samarium.

Data sheet:
Producers: Dandee (Mauricio Rengifo) and Andrés torres
Composers, lyrics: Carlos Vives, Sebastián Yatra, Mauricio Rengifo (Dandee) and Andrés Torres.
Listen to «Steal a kiss» here:
Download official photos of the recording and interview about the video and song at the following link:

About Carlos Vives:

Singer, composer, actor and businessman, he is one of the most emblematic artists of Colombia and one of the most important figures in Latin music. With more than 20 million albums sold worldwide, he is considered a pioneer of the new Colombian and Latin American sound, which continues to impact many of the most important places in the world.
His musical legacy has spanned more than two decades, he has won 2 Anglo Grammys and 11 Latin Grammy Awards, he has had 23 Grammy (Latin and Latin) nominations, and he has won several Gold, Platinum and Diamond albums. He became the first Colombian artist to bring home a gramophone from the Recording Academy. For more than 20 years, Carlos Vives’ creative drive as a music visionary has produced a significant mark on how we have become accustomed to listening and dancing to the different rhythms of Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

For more information visit: and follow him on his social networks as @carlosvives

About Sebastián Yatra:

Cantante, compositor y músico colombiano de 22 años. Inició su carrera profesional en el año 2013. Su música gira entre el género pop latino, pop urbano y baladas. En su corta carrera ha sido galardonado con dos HEAT Latin Music Awards y un Premio Shock. Nominado por los Premios Juventud, Latin Italian Music Awards y MTV Europe Awards y MTV Miaw 2017. Algunos de sus hits son: «Alguien robó» ft. Nacho y Wisin (80 millones de streams en Spotify), «Traicionera» (190 millones de streams en Spotify), «Cómo mirarte», «Para olvidar», «Por fin te encontré», «No me llames», entre otros.

Actualmente, cuenta con 9 millones de oyentes únicos en Spotify. Los videos suman más de 1 billón de reproducciones en Vevo. Su talento lo ha llevado a obtener 22 sencillos de platino y 2 de oro por ventas digitales en Centroamérica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, España, Estados Unidos, México y Perú. Se ha mantenido varias semanas consecutivas en los primeros lugares de los principales listados radiales, es considerado como el artista latino emergente número uno de 2016 por Spotify y ocupar el número uno de iTunes en países de Latinoamérica, Norteamérica y Europa. Recién obtuvo disco de diamante en México por «Traicionera». Síguelo en: @SebastianYatra

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