Carlos Vives

Singer, songwriter, actor and businessman, Carlos Vives is one of the most iconic artists in Colombia and one of the most important figures in Latin music. With more than 20 million records sold worldwide, he is considered a pioneer of the new Colombian and Latin American sound. He was the first Colombian artist to win a Grammy award and, to date, he has taken home 2 Grammys and 11 Latin Grammys. Some of his great hymns are: The cold drop , Let me in , Fresh fruit , Pa ‘Mayté , I was born again , The land of oblivion , Dancing with you and the success The bicycle , which he shares with Shakira.         

Carlos Vives, the man who modernized one of the best artistic expressions in Colombia, was predestined to creation and, especially, to music. Through his art, perhaps without knowing it, he was also predestined to become the representative of that pure and honest Colombian, who with each act exalts his country.

Vives always had the artistic virus at its core. In 1982, at just over 20 years old, he began his acting career on the small television program Pequeños G igantes . In the three long years he was on the screen, he showed that, although small, he left giant footprints in his wake. In 1984, he graduated as a publicist from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, with a postgraduate degree in Television Production. He starred, along with great actors, various series and soap operas including El Faraón and Tuyo es mi C orazón, being remembered  for  embodying famous characters such as “Gallito” Ramírez and the famous composer Rafael Escalona.     

This samarium captivated crowds in America and Europe with the rhythms of Clásico de La Provincia , an album with which it broke its own sales record (triple Gold Record and triple Platinum Record in 1993 and 1995), which had the soundtrack of Staircase. In the same way, he managed to place songs by vallenato jugglers such as Emiliano Zuleta, Juancho Polo Valencia, Luis Enrique Martínez and Carlos Huertas, among others, in the first places of the pop lists. 

Vives’ momentum did not allow him to stay in the comfort of success, but propelled him to a next level: composing songs of his own authorship. He managed to perfectly mix the coastal charm, the vallenato force and the freshness of pop in La tierra del O lvido , a work that won triple Platinum Record in 1996 and, critically classified as the most important album in the last 50 years for the Colombian music industry. 

In 2013, with more than 40 compositions made by the singer-songwriter in the last year, 12 unpublished songs were selected for the new production of Vives: Corazón corazón . The first single was released on September 24, 2012, followed by the scoop on their new music video in October. As if that were not enough, Carlos not only gave his followers a new proposal, but the Colombian public was able to enjoy his remembered presence in “La Voz Colombia”. 

Heart deeper and more profound heart , generated six # 1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart, with hits like when we meet again E inding ft Marc Anthony, Dancing C ontigo , The sea of its O jos and I returned to N acer, which it became a hymn in Latin America, dominating radios in Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Central America and Colombia. The More Deep Heart tour became the most successful tour in the history of Colombia with more than 200,000 fans filling stadiums in five concerts.            

For 2014, at the Billboard Latino Awards, he received the Spirit of Hope Award for his social work and dedication to noble causes. He was named by USAID as Ambassador of Inclusion and Ethnic Diversity in Colombia and, for his performance in making the Afro-descendant and indigenous population visible, he received the Legends Prize at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation gala in Washington DC  

He received the American Grammy in February 2015 in the category «Best Tropical Latin Album of the Year», being the second in his career and one of the greatest achievements for a Colombian artist, recorded on the front page of the country’s main newspapers to date following the ceremony that took place in Los Angeles, USA. Also, Unido2s, touring with Marc Anthony, will remain in history as one of the highest grossing tours in the United States.

In May 2016, Vives released his new single La Bicicleta , in a duet with his Colombian colleague Shakira. The single debuted as # 1 on Billboard and became Vives’ twelfth # 1 in his musical career, highlighting Samarium as the third Latin artist with the most # 1 on Billboard. The bicycle was multiple weeks in the # 1 of Billboard Latin Airplay, continuous months of # 1 in Colombia and, in addition to being the most listened song in the United States, Puerto Rico and Colombia, it became the most listened song in Latin America, topping the billboards in Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala and the Top 40 in Spain. The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, marking the first time that Vives entered this card. In turn, the video debuted on the      Top 20 of global YouTube videos. 


16 record works speak of Carlos Vives’ career. Since 1986, when he started singing ballads until later appearing on the scene in 1991 singing classical vallenatos. From now on, he would be the face before the world of a new Colombian sound fueled by traditional music.

Rock period and ballads

1986: Outside and Inside

1987: You Can’t Escape Me

1989: To the city center

Vallenate period – tropical pop

1991: Escalona: A song to life

1992: Escalona (Volume 2)

1994: Classics of La Provincia (15 times Platinum Disc, for more than 200 thousand copies sold) 

1995: The land of oblivion

1997: I have faith

1999: The love of my land

2001: Let Me In (American Grammy Winner)

2004: The rock of my town

2009: Classics of La Provincia II

2013: Deep Heart (Double Diamond Disc for more than 400 thousand copies sold; 3 Latin Grammys) 

2014: More Deep Heart (1 Grammy; 1 Latin Grammy)

2015: More Deep Heart Live Tour

2017: You Live , album number 16 of the artist, whose first single is La Bicicleta (ft Shakira), obtaining # 1 on Latin radio and on Billboard.